Qingdao Zhengya machine devoted the material to Henan to fighting the disaster


Recently, most region in Henan has encountered extreme torrential rainfall, countless road railways, subways, and houses got flooded in a lot of cities, such as Zhengzhou Xinxiang, innumerable citizens were trapped, which brought a server loss to people’s lives and properties.


As the old saying goes in China, when disaster strikes, help comes from all sides. in front of the unexpected disaster, all the people in China cared about Henan, actively donated the goods and materials, fight against the disaster. On July the 24th of 2021, Qingdao Zhengya machine technology co., Ltd has donated a lot of instant noodles and other goods and materials to the disaster area, helping the brothers and sisters in Henan get through the suffering.

Wind and rain are ruthless, but unlike us, calamity testify the people’s love! Hope God bless China and its people and hope the people in Henan can get through the difficulties.