Qingdao ZhengYa Machine Technology Co., LTD

Corporate culture

corporate culture

Operation Philosophy

In pursuing happiness in the material and spirit of the employees, we should contribute to the progress and development of the industry.

Enterprise Mission

Set the industry benchmark

Become an industry role model

Promote the development of the industry

Enterprise Vision

To be a happy company respected and talent-yearned to.

Enterprise Value


Honesty is fundamental to living in a society, keeping the word and putting it into implementation. People without credit cannot be trusted. People with credit will win the world.


Seriousness is an attitude, ability, and habit. A man with seriousness is a man with high comprehensive quality. If a men want to do something the seriousness is the required condition.


Unity is the power, the power of a single man is little, but we know that the power for a team is infinite, united, stick together, any adversaries and difficulties will yield in front of us.


Innovation, the inexhaustible motive force for the development, innovation is the spirit, makes us unique, every innovation for the mind is a chance for the development.


We are the core of Zhengya, shoulder the responsibilities of the company. I’ll devote myself to this company, try our best to implement the revolution of the company, thoroughly execute the company’s position, dare to face the problem and criticism, actively take the responsibility, carry forward Zhengya’s spirit, realize Zhengya’s goal, complete Zhengya’s mission starts from me fighting for Zhengya’s development.