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2021 Annual Summary and 2022 New Year's Day Party

Qingdao Zhengya machine technology company 2021 annual recognition dinner (i.e. company annual meeting) was held in the afternoon of Dec.31th of 2021.

Qingdao Zhengya machine has acquired the "Chengyang District Workers Pioneer" title

"Chengyang District Workers Pioneer" title was awarded by the Chengyang District Federation of Trade Unions, is an honorary title with first-class work, first-class service, first-class performance, the first-class team as the core.

Qingdao Zhengya machinery was selected as Qingdao 2021 annual technology Innovation Center

On December 6th, 2021, Qingdao technology institution has published a 2021 annual innovation center construction list, Qingdao Zhengya machine stands out from the companies, becoming one of the selected corporations.

Congrats Zhengya machine acquired the “Invisible champion”

“Invisible champion” refers to an industry that devoted itself to developing and producing a specific kind of product, has a prominent competitive advantage and innovative ability.

Congrats Zhengya acquired “2021 Shandong excellent brand”

The "CA ZHENGYA" instant noodle production line of Qingdao ZHENGYA Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the "2021 Shandong High-quality Brand" after strict identification of qualification verification, material (network) review, expert review, soliciting opinions from all parties and other links.

Congrats Zhengya acquired “Shandong famous brand” title

Shandong Council for Brand Development (i.e. SDCBD), is a comprehensive brand administration in Shandong province.

Zhengya has acquired Qingdao Municipal ‘’Unique innovation’’ industry certification

Qingdao Zhengya machine technology co., Ltd, with its outstanding production technique, the management philosophy of keep marching, and innovative product has acquired the title of “Zhuan, Jing, Te, Xin”.

China’s Instant-food Meeting- Qingdao Zhengya Machine acquired the award of innovation

Qingdao Zhengya machine technology co., Ltd is honored to participate in and with its “Non-fried Suantangmianye production line” won the “Excellent innovation product in China’s instant-food industry” award.