Qingdao ZhengYa Machine Technology Co., LTD

Personnel recruitment


Quality inspector

Monthly salary:5000-7000


Work place:No.92 Huhushan Road

Number of recruits:1

Job requirements:

1. With strong professional machine knowledge, know the designing, crafts, and making progress of products, with comprehensive quality management knowledge;

2. Can independently solve the problems, with good communication skills;

3. People with experience in designing, craft, and quality control are preferred.

Admin Specialist

Monthly salary:3000-5000


Work place:No.92 Huhushan Road

Number of recruits:1

Academic requirements:College graduates or above

Job description:

1. To be responsible for the formulation, inspection, supervision, control, and implementation of the administrative and office supporting management systems;

2. Responsible for coordinating and communicating the relationship between various departments;

3. Responsible for organizing and arranging company meetings and activities;

4. Responsible for drafting, preparing, and issuing documents assigned by company leaders;

5. Responsible for the backup support of the company's leaders and staff, and do a good job in the management of the restaurant and dormitory;

6. Responsible for the management, maintenance, and repair of the company's communication network facilities and monitoring;

7. Responsible for the subscription of the company's newspapers, magazines, and materials, sending letters, receiving, signing, reading, handling, and filing of internal and external documents;

8. Responsible for the purchase, registration, and distribution of office supplies and facilities;

9. Responsible for the safety management and maintenance of various vehicles, handling vehicle management procedures, etc.

10. Responsible for the company's safety and health supervision (office area, production area, living area) management;

11. Responsible for the daily maintenance of office facilities such as a printer, fax machine, and copier and fixed assets management;

12. Responsible for the supervision and administration of landscaping.

Job Requirements:

1. College graduates or above

2. Responsible, work self-motivated;

3. Skilled in office software.

HR Specialist

Monthly salary:3000-5000


Work place:No.92 Huhushan Road

Number of recruits:1

Academic requirements:College graduates or above

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for planning the company's human resources work, establishing and implementing recruitment, training, attendance, labor discipline, and other personnel procedures or rules and regulations;

2. Responsible for formulating and improving the position allocation, coordinating various departments of the company to effectively develop and utilize human resources to meet the company's operation and management needs;

3. Prepare the job description, and make corresponding changes according to the company's position adjustment team to ensure that the job description is consistent with the reality;

4. Responsible for handling employee entry procedures and signing labor contracts;

5. Responsible for the management and maintenance of personnel files, the establishment and timely update of staff files, and the statistics of personnel changes (including resignation, entry, promotion, transfer, demotion, etc.);

6. Responsible for the probation period management of new employees;

7. Responsible for staff attendance statistics;

8. Responsible for recruitment work, including issuing recruitment notices, collecting and summarizing application materials, arranging interviews, etc.;

9. Other temporary works

Job requirement:

1. College graduates or above experienced in HR management;

2. Good at communication and coordination;

3. Good at office software.

Electrical engineer

Monthly salary:7000-15000


Work place:No.92 Huhushan Road

Number of recruits:2-3人

Academic requirements:bachelor or above

Job description:

1. Responsible for setting and daily regulation of the electrical equipment.

2. Responsible for the programming of PLC, and the designing and maintenance of the program.

Job requirement:

1. Electronic, electrical, or related major, bachelor or above.

2. Good at communication, with the execution ability, and the ability to resist pressure.

3. With electrical automation equipment PLC programming design experience, familiar with all kinds of electrical principles and performance;

4. Able to read mechanical and electrical drawings; Familiar with electrical wiring, electrical control cabinet design, etc.

Mechanical designer

Monthly salary:7000-15000


Work place:No.92 Huhushan Road

Number of recruits:5人

Academic requirements:本科及以上

Job responsibility:

1. Complete the drawing of parts and product according to the demands;

2. Able to complete equipment development and product improvement under the guidance of the leader, able to gradually design independently;

3. Responsible for the compilation of manuals, packing lists, part lists, and other documents.

4. Participated in the R & D of the new product, and solved the issue that appears during manufacturing and adjusting.

5. Participated in product improvement and problem analyzing, and offer formulas accordingly.

6. Designing the temporary product.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor's degree or above majored in mechanical design and automation;

2. Responsible, hardworking, have the sense of team, and practical ability.

3. Skilled in drawing, with nonstandard mechanical design work experience is preferred;

4. Seasoned in using CAD, SolidWorks, and other 2D, 3D design software and office software;

5. Fresh graduates are welcomed.