2021 Annual Summary and 2022 New Year's Day Party


Qingdao Zhengya machine technology company 2021 annual recognition dinner (i.e. company annual meeting) was held in the afternoon of Dec.31th of 2021. With this meeting to show the love and regards to the staff, and to praise and award some excellent staffs.

This annual meeting was started after the new year speech from the director, Mr. LiuZhaogang; the manager of each department, respectively, made the annual summary right after. The general manager also made a comprehensive, objective and summary in 2021, and put forward the working goal in 2022.

At the annual meeting have praised and awarded the department and people. The host passionately read the list of the best department, the best assembly team, the outstanding management, the pioneer staff, the best newcomer, And, etc. 13 titles. The general manager has offered the bonus and award to each person, who won the thunderous laugh.














At this annual meeting, each manager got a letter of appointment, and each of them planned for 2022. 

During this annual, staff prepared all kinds of performances, the raffle activity keeps the gala in an exciting atmosphere. Dance “Xiangqinxaingai” (Loving each other) gave us an unforgettable start, the song “Mingtianhuigenghao”(the future will be brighter) shows the staffs’ best wishes to the company’s future. At last, the final award went to the production department staff, Sundazhao. At the new year banquet, all the staff toasted to the new year and hope the tomorrow of Zhnegya would be better.

This annual meeting end up in a harmonious, exciting, happy atmosphere, showing the people’s spirit of energy, active, united. Looking back to 2021, we stick together, fighting together, and harvest together, looking forward to 2022; We hold the same goal, full of confidence. Hoping Zhengya will be better in the future.