Congrats Zhengya machine acquired the “Invisible champion”


“Invisible champion” refers to an industry that devoted itself to developing and producing a specific kind of product, has a prominent competitive advantage and innovative ability. 


The coverage of subdivision market or export mount in a front rank of China, even of the world. What’s more, the corporate has to have a concentrated development strategy, scientific management system, unique product service, professional technology development, stable relation with the client, sustainable market demands, and extraordinary operating results.

To guide the small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in Zhuhai to focus on innovation and product quality improvement and continuously enhance their core competitiveness by taking “Zhuan, Jing, Te, Xin” as the path and "invisible champion" as the goal, According to Qingdao Municipal Party Committee and Qingdao Municipal People's Government's Opinions on Supporting the Reform and Development of Private Enterprises and small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Qingdao D&R 2020 No. 14) and Qingdao Municipal Private Economic Development Bureau's Notice on Organizing to apply for the "Hidden Champion" of Qingdao Manufacturing SMEs in 2021 (Qingdao private economic 2021 No. 23), Through the procedures of enterprise application, district and city recommendation, enterprise defense, expert evaluation, online publicity and so on, Qingdao Private Economic Development Bureau announced on December 9 that 36 enterprises won the Qingdao manufacturing smes "invisible champion" enterprise title, Qingdao Zhengya machinery won the "invisible champion" title