Qingdao Zhengya machinery was selected as Qingdao 2021 annual technology Innovation Center


On December 6th, 2021, Qingdao technology institution has published a 2021 annual innovation center construction list, Qingdao Zhengya machine stands out from the companies, becoming one of the selected corporations.

The ability to innovate and develop is a significant indicator. Qingdao Zhengya Machine has devoted itself to instant noodles production equipment manufacturing, insist on technology innovation, self researching, and development is the high-tech enterprise in Qingdao with hundreds of intellectual properties.

Winning this title is a high recognition of Qingdao Zhengya Machinery's technological innovation ability, industrial development level, comprehensive management ability, and talent cultivation. It will also further encourage the company to continue efforts in technological innovation, research and development platform construction, talent training, and other aspects, increase innovation efforts and investment, pay attention to the transformation of innovation achievements. Output more excellent technical achievements back to the country and society, further enhance Qingdao's technology research and development ability, promote the innovation and development of the whole industry!